About us

BRUMEC S.r.l. is a mechanical firm operating in the mechanical industry for over many years and cooperating with major italian and international companies. Our dynamism and flexibility have allowed our company  to gain customer credibility and reliability. Our company produces primarily medium and large machines and systems or parts for third parties. We also oversee all processes at our own divisions during the mechanical assembly, welding, sandblasting and painting phase.

BRUMEC S.r.l. works in liaison with PEROZENI S.r.l., another mechanical firm engaged in mid and heavy mechanical fabrication that has a division of machines used for milling mechanical processing, reaming and turning, capable of dealing with large products.

This relationship between the two businesses allows us to carry out all production phases within the company which lead to the construction of machinery or sistems, from our planning stage to our assembly and final testing phase, givin own customers the chance to interact with a single point of reference.

BRUMEC S.r.l. relies on:

  • 4.000 m2 of external space
  • 2.700 m2 of covered space with a height of 7 metres, equipped with assembling and handling systems
  • 8 bridge cranes with a capacity of 10/20/30 tons and varius jib cranes
  • Forklifts with a capacity of 30 to 70 hundred kilograms
  • Highly specialised workers with many years of experience